Getting started with .NET nanoFramework

Create a Blinky app with C# on an ESP32

Monday, 03 January 202219 min watch
In this video I'll show you how to get started with .NET nanoFramework, C# for microcontrollers. Just get yourself a cheap ESP32 microcontroller and follow along!
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Adding Netlify CMS to your .NET powered static Website

The ideal blog website for .NET developers - Part II

Friday, 07 May 20218 min read
This is Part II of my blog about creating your own personal, static blog website. In this blog I will show you how to add Netlify CMS to your website and host this awesome site on GitHub Pages. At the end of this blog you’ll be truly ready to start blogging like a pro.
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Create your own .net powered static website for FREE

The ideal blog website for .net developers - Part I

Saturday, 01 May 20218 min read
Blog like Scott Hanselman, or just have a personal landing page with a simple CMS. I'll show you the secret to creating an awesome .net static website. Just like the one you're on right now. In this tutorial you will learn to build a static .net website with all the magic of Razor and CSHTML you know and love. Just try it!
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