The Future of AI and IoT: Exciting Technologies to Watch in 2023

From WebAssembly to Risc-V, These Advances Will Transform the IT Landscape

Sunday, 01 January 20236 min read
Get ready for the future of tech! In this blog, we explore the most exciting technologies to watch out for in 2023, including WebAssembly, Risc-V, and AI. From the way we interact with our web browsers to the development of lightweight programming languages for the IoT, these advances have the potential to significantly change the IT landscape. We also discuss the growth of the .NET nanoFramework community and the rapid progress being made in the field of AI. As we move into the new year, it's worth considering the impact these technologies will have on our lives and the potential risks and drawbacks that come with any new technology.
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WebSocket Server for .NET nanoFramework

Having fun with websockets

Friday, 18 February 202217 min read
Running a websocket server and hosting a WebApp on a microcontroller is incredible fun! Using the .NET nanoFramework with the new websockets library this is easy. Go check it out and build something really cool!
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Getting started with .NET nanoFramework

Create a Blinky app with C# on an ESP32

Monday, 03 January 202219 min watch
In this video I'll show you how to get started with .NET nanoFramework, C# for microcontrollers. Just get yourself a cheap ESP32 microcontroller and follow along!
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