About Feiko Gorter

Feiko Gorter

Hi, I’m Feiko Gorter, husband, father, Internet of Things specialist and .net developer. Born in 1985, the youngest of four brothers. When I was born, we already had a computer in the house more powerful than the one that landed the astronauts on the moon. Just like my brothers, these computers fascinated me. Eventually all my brothers went into the computer programming business. I pursued a different path. However, computers are in my blood and after a career detour I went back into this fascinating world of IT, especially the Internet of Things. So today I design Internet of Things solutions for a living. Daily working with small devices a multitude faster than our old computer. Adding to the billions of IoT devices out in the world today.

Being an early adopter of IoT technology, I’ve seen the world of IoT evolve. There is so much going on that it’s hard to keep track, especially if you're new to this domain. Therefore, I created this blog and vlog website to share my humble knowledge with the world. But mostly also to have fun and share my personal IT adventures.